season yiyezhiqiu, walked with her light step, with people living in the cold quietly invasion. In the field of electricity providers in people throughout the economy, double eleven still Mianbugaise in the major electricity supplier platform interpretation of his masculine heat: Tmall double eleven A5 double preheating, eleven special and so on.

Double eleven

last year, Tmall turnover exceeded 19 billion 100 million yuan, it is a pretty unprecedented victory. As for the 12 years of twelve, guide the sale of a C2B to both sides, so that buyers will set the price, also show the charm of his personality.

many businesses to withstand several double eleven, twelve and large activity test, long war battlefield will brave and fearless. With this year’s double eleven new gameplay, presumably will do better. In this paper the author integrated businesses double eleven warm-up period, to join the new double eleven plan businesses to provide warning, also knocked a little alarm for other smooth businesses.

1, O2O is a new direction, not necessarily follow the template

Tmall first used O2O promotional model, and finally into the closed loop into the bottleneck: that the user in the Tmall online shopping, after the goods can be scanned on the two-dimensional code package, get the corresponding coupons.

according to reliable analysis, last year, Tmall double 11 to get the best sales of the brand is still offline. The traditional brand awareness, reputation long accumulated a great attraction to the user, it is precisely because of this, O2O has also been pushed to the climax of the waves.

line under the brand has not been settled online news, online brand landing action is also carried out in full swing. Suzhou mobile QQ group of hot selling steamed bread (6 yuan a) and has been widely known as pancake aunt QQ group case, but also tells us: the success of O2O marketing is not far away.

whether before the failure of the O2O mode, or the recent successful blend of online and offline marketing mode, will tell us a truth: O2O is a direction to try, but not all types of businesses are suitable for use. Especially for the newly started businesses who blindly follow the simulation will not be successful, hot cakes and pancake aunt QQ group success stories, suitable for small groups. Another study of its essence, the essence of the success of the user experience is good, good reputation of the natural legend of everyone.

two, the user experience is the most important

"customer is God" and "fool every year, buyers are more" concept, which is right or wrong. At present, the team has a large range of data processing, from the user experience point of view to explore the user search habits, and then analyze the relevance between the product, designed to facilitate users to search for the best model of the product.

obviously, needless to say the problem will still be a shortcut to introduce new people.

three, "small and beautiful" personalization is a feature, not just gimmicks


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