Times News (reporter Wang Mei) the film "private custom" in behalf of the people complained grave plot has become a reality, taobao.com also appeared grave valet service, as long as the buyer to pay a fee, the seller will grave worship service in accordance with the requirements of buyers, including the generation of kneeling, crying, on behalf of the flowers. The charge of 500 yuan. Reporters found that, although many of the shops to provide such services, but most shops have shown 0 transactions".

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Mr. Ma told reporters yesterday, he found in the Taobao shopping there in a shop selling Valet grave business, not empty grave, you can spend some money please others instead of themselves to the grave."

reporter in taobao.com search Valet grave, a bit rough statistics, there are more than and 20 shop sale Valet grave business, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other city. Click on the shop more than a dozen reporters found that these provide Valet grave service shop, services are basically the same, generally include cleaning the cemetery, incense candles flowers, bowed three times, read the eulogy, cemetery cleaning, decoration, charges 500 yuan.

grave lasted about 20 to 30 minutes, you can take pictures or video at the end of the grave, as proof of payment.

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The number of

transactions for the "0"

full set of 488 baskets, the general is a bunch of 388, 288 a simple flower, according to the process." A shopkeeper said, such as the need to kneel three worship, cry or toast on behalf of these special services, also need to add money, kneel down and kowtow three singles, each increase of one hundred yuan".

the shopkeeper said, before the start of formal memorial ceremony, officers arrived at the scene to ensure sorting clothing, remove the body of any funny elements, customers can also tell the grief, comfort for the enemy to relatives through mobile phone. "The day before yesterday also received one, he can not come back from abroad." The owner said it also suggested that customers can do or do their own, but some people are not convenient."

browse the many reporters to provide Valet grave, the shop and found that people really scanty buy such services, in addition to a shop in Shandong that have a transaction, other shops trading volume is 0".

in this regard, Mr. Miller said residents find someone to replace themselves to the grave always feel sorry for the elders, "I can not go home if outside, I would rather burn paper in the street." Resident Mr. Lei also said that the grave is supposed to filial piety, maintain relations with the clan and ancestors and identity, "ceremony if the act itself has lost its meaning."

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on behalf of the sweeping nature of the loss of grave worship

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of rural society

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