nowadays, the hottest way was South Korea National goddess Gianna Jun and the young as the emperor Kim Su Hyon’s TV series: "you come from the stars", the show frequently not only in the search list topped the list, more access to hundreds of millions of hits on video website. In essence, "you come from the stars" itself is a product, but for an ordinary entrepreneurs, and go crazy chase drama, as from a hot drama learn how to make a product. How to learn from such a popular Korean to do a good product?

first, we from the product’s functional positioning, content is king.

"you come from the stars" from the actor lineup, assembled a South Korean national goddess Gianna Jun and the young Kim Su Hyon as the emperor, strong suction powder gorgeous; from the technical level on the scene, the tall, well made, belongs to the drama of the upper level; from the plot, 400 years of love is let the fans in hot pursuit, and the writer is a famous Korean writer Zhien Portsmouth, one of the South Korean TV drama star writer, his excellent writing skills take a picture of a true and beautiful, can the audience moved xilihuala.

imagine a star not seductive, unknown, the story is not good enough drama could not attract the attention of people, from the functional positioning of the product aspect, or content is king, a good product to consider it has spread, can stimulate the excitement of fans.

then, who is the user group of your product?

in China, "Professor addiction patients team is enormous, concentrated in young people, mostly young women, including many stars, which" you come from the stars, "this product users group. As we all know, women’s money is better to earn, as long as the heart of a woman, do not worry about money. The lack of a sense of security is one of the world’s most common gynecological diseases, and both professors, super capacity and calm Obama image always makes female fans screaming: "Professor, save me!" thus, who is only clear your product user groups, can be targeted to design products.

old Cinderella story, remember, the product must be innovative.

The first

has certain innovation, breaking the traditional drama "Cinderella" save the Prince "stereotype", opened a new form: "God Goddess + combination." In recent years, drama has been in innovation, it is not the kind of love and death, brother and sister love. A product, if normalized, it can not meet the needs of users, when creating a new feature out, in order to allow users to take the initiative to pull out the wallet.

of course, wine is also afraid of deep alley, the age of the Internet, the marketing channel is very important.

"you come from the stars" in the China we see on the Internet, Iqiyi platform user base is a security watch, in the Internet era, network video broadcast platform more easily spread, social video platform combination sharing platform, so this drama quickly became a hot topic in the network, to a >

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