as the saying goes: "with copper as a mirror, you can dress up; with history as a mirror, one can know from gains and losses. Mirror, Kam also." The meaning of the mirror is to let you learn, in order to better regulate their behavior. But the Chinese nation like the vast sea of history is a mirror, often back, we can harvest a lot. Today, we will talk about a "mirror" story (store growth experience), ha ha.

now Taobao Liao war course, numerous governors (Tmall) the world around the government (market segmentation, crown shop) war, many businessmen (crown) Xinyoubugan, always thinking about the rebellion, shouting: military and political leaders, rather a kind of peace!! share the store this year shop dispensers operates three main mirror drill shop. All kinds of beauty mirror, but the home industry, busy, rarely take care of, in July of this year through the recommendation of friends asked me to the arena, the market take cities and seize territory. The following picture is the operation of the store at that time.

first, market analysis


1, positioning

female for Yue oneself person, so we first set the crowd in the female, we can according to the Taobao index to see the "mirror" the word, observe our store product positioning.


Pictured above is the

mirror keywords obtained after consuming level and grade buyers search, you can see from the figure, the medium level accounted for more than the novice, after all, the new general price is too high will not buy products, it also compared with the price in our shop.


in the initial stage, the need to choose good, one million. According to the actual situation of shop selection, according to the market demand, competition in the baby based test adjustment, and adjust the content store shopkeeper co domestic title, main, graph, attribute, details, are the focus of evaluation.

A. mirror baby special postage is too high, selection can be selected according to the baby high price type low price – in – test, understand the market situation;

B., can be selected according to the scope of application; the mirror, bathroom mirror, mirror shoes;

C. based on the actual sales of baby, from the end of the election in the end. These three schemes, combined with the selected three to five baby test is more reasonable, less likely to push heavy late.

3 plans to develop

A. creative: picture based, supplemented by the title, a good idea on the success of the half, Taobao through the vehicle to improve the quality of key points of growth and creativity are closely related, the main creative ideas.

B. keyword: the early words should not be too much, 100 words or so is good, precise words mainly, long tail word supplement.


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