news November 12th, vice president of Jingdong, group 3C division president Wang Xiaosong announced the Jingdong 3C real-time sales report. From November 1st to 12 at about 0 in the morning of the day of the month, the total sales of Jingdong 3C category for the 28522383 units of. Among them, the total sales of Jingdong mobile phone up to 2874031 units, the total sales of computer office category up to 14335143 units, the total sales of digital categories up to 11313209 units.


Jingdong 3C category total sales of 28522383 units


conference, Wang Xiaosong officially announced the control system of "Webgather" Jingdong wind performance. From November 1st to November 11th, Jingdong with wind control system of "Webgather" intercept malicious order request 140 million times, blocking malicious account 120 million.


Wang said in an interview: "it is because of this kind of approximate harsh monitoring, let me have the confidence, confident that the double 11, Jingdong 3C has done with partners, online shopping for consumers escort, to create a fair and open online shopping environment."


Jingdong total mobile phone sales up to 2874031 units

from the mobile phone sales report, mobile phone market is more prosperous, November 1st to 11, 12 noon, red rice Note2, iPhone6s, Le 1s, red rice A2, millet 4C, iPhone5s, 2, blue charm Charm Blue Note2, 4X, glory glory play 6 Jingdong selling models TOP10 landing mobile phone list. During this period, the fastest growing sales of new mobile phone brand is, LETV, our three win, hammer. Millet, HUAWEI glory, LETV, apple alternately gains the one-day sales champion. In the double 11 period, 499-799 yuan price of mobile phone sales champion of a single product for the red rice note2800-1199 yuan price mobile phone sales champion of a single product for Le 1s, 1200-2299 yuan price of mobile phone sales champion is the glory of 6plus won a single product, 2300-3299 yuan price mobile phone sales champion is iPhone5s, 3300 yuan more than the price of mobile phone single product sales champion 6S won by iPhone.


Report data

Jingdong 11 millet and HUAWEI gloryReport data

millet and HUAWEI glory of the public for the first time, the daily sales competition is very fierce, the gap between the two is not only a more daily data are very close. According to the data, the mobile phone product competition is very large, from 11 days of data observation, just started selling millet more than 50 thousand units, the 3 was HUAWEI breakthrough 2438>

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