January 8th news, Tmall 2012 at the end of the minds of the general assembly, there are some sellers have revealed that Tmall will likely be on the line in the international station in 2013, the layout of overseas retail.

at the same time, the industry has been speculation on Tmall internationalization strategy, there are three main ways, Tmall set up overseas Museum, continues to attract a large number of overseas brands, for domestic users; or Tmall direct line English station, with sellers involved in foreign trade or retail; overseas, overseas on-line Tmall, attract overseas and local suppliers in service.

Of the three

billion state power network speculation consulted a number of electric business people, including a number of foreign trade B2C. But the results are generally look bad, think Tmall is difficult at this stage of rapid internationalization, only through some new models (such as the Tmall C2B sale) partial cooperation with overseas brands, to gradually try to extend into the overseas market.

listed the following three popular ways to guess the internationalization of Tmall and the difficulties faced by:


[import form] to set up overseas brands, for domestic consumers. Attract a large number of overseas brands settled in order to agency cooperation, overseas purchasing, overseas pre-sale and other forms of presentation. Equivalent to the further expansion of the current Tmall suppliers.


overseas brands in China have not set up branches and regional total generation, brands require participation in retail links personally, not familiar with the local market, Tmall background system, rules, communication obstacles, logistics, payment and other aspects of the difficulties;

a lot of overseas brands have a clear positioning, tonality and so on, many brands do not recognize their own network channels, do not adapt to discount practices, and Tmall’s previous traffic distribution does not fit;

overseas brands of their own decision-making cycle is long, the product, the brand is not well-known in the country, is facing the task of creating a brand two times, may involve energy waste caused by the same time.

mode two:

[export form] directly on the line for overseas users of English stand, do foreign trade B2C.


Tmall settled merchants most don’t have abundant overseas logistics, cross-border retail experience, while Tmall itself does not have the advantage of supply chain to assist businesses; the seller should have very fast delivery speed, if the cycle is too long, it is possible to cancel the order; quality assurance, product price and tax should be transparent. Once there are problems, the high cost of reverse logistics;

need Tmall to set up a strong foreign trade website operation team, the platform for the maintenance of the brand, product sorting, need to develop rules, but also need a good website user experience;

must have enough payment channels to change the payment system. Payment in Europe is very fragmented

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