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Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and numbers (ICANN) in recent years, signed "joint project agreement in the agency and the U.S. Department of Commerce (" oint Project Agreement, JPA) in September 2009 after the expiration, it will not renew the agreement, so that the ICANN from America’s Department of commerce regulation, and then obtain the complete management right.

ICANN was founded in 1998, is the governing body of the global Internet domain name system. The U.S. Department of Commerce 2003 contract with ICANN had suggested, the latter will have independent management qualification in September 30, 2006. But the U.S. Commerce Department said in September 2006, with ICANN to renew for three years, namely before September 2009, ICANN is still under the U.S. Department of Commerce Management. The Ministry of Commerce said at the time, the future will gradually reduce the Internet transaction management, the ultimate goal is to establish an independent management right ICANN.

ICANN executive vice president and head of business affairs Paul Leavins (Paul Levins) recently said that since September 2006, the Ministry of Commerce and the renewal since ICANN have made great progress in the work of reliability, transparency and other related affairs. In the current JPA agreement, ICANN will focus on the expansion of its global management mode, the ICANN can the vast majority of Internet community interests. He is implying that ICANN will not renew the JPA agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

has a conservative think-tank iGrowthGlobal member Thomas Leonard (Thomas Lenard) believes that in order to ensure the reliability of ICANN management in the near future, the JPA protocol is still necessary. He said: "the level of ICANN increased, and the US Department of commerce are inseparable, which reflects the value of the JPA protocol. Although ICANN itself is a non-profit organization, but has its own unique characteristics. It made the decision, will have a significant impact on the U.S. and global economic and social order."

but others do not agree with the views of Leonard. The online translation service provider Live Multilingual chairman and CEO of Translator (Khaled Fattal) callide Fattal believes that it is because of the U.S. Department of Commerce "controls", led to the daily operation of ICANN, especially ICANN "bound hands and feet" on the non English domain name management importance not enough.

in recent years, many countries expressed dissatisfaction with the government of the United States to control the global Internet resources, and called for the transfer of management rights to the United Nations. The United States government to refuse, but agreed to join the newly formed international forum to discuss the matter.IGrowthGlobal think-tank Leonard believes that ICANN plays an important role in the global Internet Security and stability, therefore whether to renew in J>

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