believe that there are many Taobao customers or individual owners, they have their own shops or online shopping platform, but all have the same kind of experience, that is after trying to sell a company and a supplier provided by the supply channels, found that almost all the suppliers there are all kinds of problems, cause these sellers still can not find satisfactory suppliers. This part of the seller or the Taobao personal webmaster, are basically in the form of a part-time, namely normal work, just aspiring to join the network industry, but because of their work’s sake, don’t have much time or money to their wholesale procurement of goods, so some have chosen to sell the products of others mainly, this can save a lot of time, do not bear the risk of the backlog of goods inventory, is the first time a lot of open shop sellers preferred way.

we all know, in Baidu or Google search "shop sell" or "Taobao consignment goods" is a search a lot, including Taobao to provide their own distribution platform, but also countless vendors to sell, since there are so many suppliers, why these sellers will find their satisfaction with the supplier? The main reasons are as follows:

1, almost all of the vendors are using ECSHOP or SHOPEX online shopping program, just modify the template, put their own product information and data package for consignment seller download, commodity data are not updated, many have no merchandise but still guide data for people to download, or still on its platform display sales, led directly to the consequences of doing so: a customer to the seller consultation or direct orders to buy goods, the seller is often from the supplier that commodity is out of stock, making efforts for tourists continue to drain, a serious blow to the enthusiasm of the consignment seller, naturally not with this kind of suppliers to maintain long-term cooperative relations.

2, because online shopping can not see the kind, even touched, in order to get satisfactory goods, prevent the purchase after the discovery of inconsistent objects and displayed on the picture, the buyer to the seller will consult a variety of problems. For example, "this dress is too big? The picture can not see the actual thickness is more thick, summer wear will not be too thick? The coat material is wool or cloth?" and so on many such problems, although some problems have been described in detail. The supplier of goods, but there are still in the example above listed many similar problems in the suppliers to provide goods with page which is impossible to find the answer. A consignment of the most troublesome is the seller did not see the kind, really don’t answer such a question, in charge of customer’s attitude and avoid the random answer caused by late return rate increases, the seller usually can only sell to the supplier site online customer service for help, hope that manufacturers customer service can help restore such problems timely. But the general situation encountered during actual operation, manufacturers customer service or regular online, it is a long time not reply, the most outrageous is some morning issued to the customer service, to reply to the afternoon, but the customer may wait five minutes feel impatient, not.

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