In 2006, it was said that this year is the first year of China’s Internet video, there are people who say that the first year of the first month of July (in the world cup in July is the peak period). It is not a very scientific, but indistinct say a simple fact that the Internet is the mainstream of transition from narrowband to broadband, multimedia content including video, audio, text content from the transition to a single.

steps leading up to a critical point, usually leads to qualitative change. So, as long as there is data to prove that the video content at a certain point in time accounted for a certain proportion of Internet content, said the first year of the video, it can be, there is nothing you can not.

or to speak with the data.

the data revealed the following information: a number of audio and video content, has become the mainstream form of content on the Internet, which is no longer out of the text not essential supplement; two, audio and video content can and will become the network advertising a new growth point.

but not just P2P for video ads, portals, search engine manufacturers have been staring at the market. For example, Sina launched a video search iKan, video blog, Tencent launched a live QQ, Sohu, TOM online also launched a broadband channel and video patch advertising.

portals, search firm soldiers arrives under the competition pressure as can be imagined P2P company faces. Although so far has invested $100 million VC to P2P, but as of now, the only way to get ten million U.S. dollars financing

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