with Wangzhuan is more popular today, shopping guide website has entered the development period, how to make their own shopping guide website talent shows itself in the new year, has become a competitive market, realize the purpose of online banking! Let’s take a look at


one: shopping guide website product selection and market analysis

The so-called

guide is to guide the consumer, not the natural selection of products, first of all do not follow the trend in the formation of product selection, to see someone selling slimming products you sell, you can go to the breast, this is unwise, this product is quite profitable, but you can see, these are the core keywords in very hot, do the manpower and the cycle is very long, but does not necessarily have a good effect, so it is best to avoid, choose products have some attention: super hot do not do, the profit is very low, it is better to take the middle value, and set the core keywords and long tail keywords in the how to choose the specific time, today is not that one, if you want to add my QQ. so detailed understanding of market analysis this will definitely not, do these, the following work will be of great help


two: shopping guide website structure and production

is a website to attract customers, improve the lead, a very important point is that the site is attractive, whether to leave the customer’s footsteps, depending on your location on the site and making and Art: first you make the shopping site’s purpose is to start, put it as their own business. Not just to earn one money, if only to earn pocket money, then you will never do this website not only minor, you should regard it as their lifelong career to treat, it will do good to do for a long time. The second is to make a website, but now many shopping sites are bought directly to a template program Taoban, there is on the market many types of websites, it is easy to attract customers’ visual fatigue, lack of sense of customer experience, this website will not grow! And in art development Face must be fine, careful, must have their own ideas and creativity, so as to retain customers, to achieve their goals!

three: shopping guide website operations

After the

website, should have their own detailed operational plans, rather than think about maintenance, spare time to update, this is not the case, the operation is a long-term process, is the need to adhere to and patience, don’t give up halfway, some people do 1-2 months, to see their own income or 0, they suspect that their website is not a problem, your ability is not a problem, he is not wrong, do not feel the need to spend time on it, in fact it has entered a period of confusion, this time you must stick to it, rather than give up such work before all in vain, so insist, insist, insist on! Operations generally divided several completed: 1, the first day to do more new content updates, the most direct way to gain weight is to enhance the website number so the early New >!

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