April 17th afternoon, mall Jingdong (micro-blog) today announced the signing of 80 billion yuan in the next three years home appliance purchase agreement, Jingdong CMO mall Lanye disclosed the latest Jingdong store data at the meeting site: as of April this year, the Jingdong mall has 40 million registered users, 3 April this year, orders amounted to 400 thousand per month.

yesterday, suning.com (micro-blog) high-profile held a press conference, announced this year receivable target of 30 billion yuan, and said will surpass Jingdong. Although Jingdong did not conduct a positive response to the matter, but today announced a high-profile signing of 80 billion yuan in the purchase of goods for the past three years, has no doubt that the attitude of competition.

According to the Jingdong

said that the current Jingdong mall appliances sales income is about 200% per year growth rate, Lanye that Jingdong appliance has the cost advantage, can improve the efficiency of the supply chain, optimize the stock turnover rate and cash flow rate, and the cost savings to benefit consumers.

also called blue Ye appliance manufacturers pay attention to the electronic commerce, he said that although the part of the manufacturers, the online channel total shipments is low, but the electronic commerce is the company’s overall strategy to represent the general trend.

How to

at the same time in the development of the electricity supplier does not affect the traditional line of cooperation? Two suggestions are given: the first is the blue ye set up a special marketing department within the organization, promote the organization to establish electricity supplier business process. Second is the online sales of products and offline sales of products, and supply chain standards, etc..

it is reported that, in addition to 80 billion yuan of the purchase agreement for the year, Jingdong mall also plans to open a new year in the year of the 6 warehouse logistics support for all of the electricity business, and will continue to support the marketing resources and other aspects of the three.

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