we need to have a clear idea of the chain of love Shanghai to fight outside the chain type and what we can do is to avoid the type of attack, and can enhance the site’s weight. This process requires a lot of analyses and tests, suggested that friends may wish to stop doing business in Shanghai after the next love update using a webmaster tools outside the chain of detection, see those still in the type, number and distribution of the home page of the website chain, learn about.


in the next Shanghai dragon operation, we need to do is 70% for the station such as the spider crawling optimization path specification, URL writing, labels and other subtle aspects of the station. External links construction can be said is a difficult but useful method, need the chain analysis on the home site after stable imitation, further increase the strength to transcend.

think so, whether the chain has become a masterpiece of it, in fact, from love Shanghai so much determination against the chain point of view, we can hardly have been judged, then rely on home page anchor text outside the chain to promote the keywords ranking has almost become an unrealistic thing. And the purchase of a chain and no way out. A new station to change to the good friends of the chain to drive the weight can only rely on time and content to promote.

you are welcome to visit my 贵族宝贝sztianhong.org/ station together with the progress, the Shanghai dragon

green algorithm again, against a wider, literally blow and soft news source trading station issued by the chain, but judging from the measures, the chain BBS, blog will be in the scope of strike, strike chain sale recalled in 2012, as a Shanghai dragon industry for many years rookie, I have been unable to think of what the chain is not being hit love Shanghai. I even began to think of a new website, but Shanghai has not submitted to love again to let the spider crawl the site through the chain, which may become the fuse website by K station.

in the end!

all of the above results in theory, the actual operation is not as the basis. After all, LEE said: "if I do the Shanghai dragon, probably can not promote a specified keyword on line

almost certainly, the main task is to optimize the future of Shanghai dragon web interface, UEO modification, content construction, exchange and maturity correlation chain. So the chain is not completely not made? Of course not, since love Shanghai so against the chain, it also shows that from the side of the fact that the chain does have a great role in promoting the ranking.

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