1, Google is fully capable of grasping the dynamic web site, and many questions are not a problem;


card, the traditional Shanghai dragon concept is to subvert the world. What URL should be static or dynamic? Don’t worry, and to see their point of view: Google

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er seems to have a consensus: URL website must need staticize. The author from the major online training site search Shanghai Longfeng information also said that static URL is an important indicator of website optimization.


answer=3& language=cn

www.xxxx贵族宝贝/article/answer?If you keep the dynamic

language=cn& answer=3

2, a dynamic URL is helpful to the understanding of URL and noble baby BOT web content, such as www.xxxx贵族宝贝/article/answer? Language=en& answer=3& sid=85426134& query=URL, language followed the parameter is answer language type, followed by the number of sid is behind the SessionID. Like other common parameters: color is certainly behind the color, behind the size parameter represents the size of. Google believes that these parameters can help Google understand web content. The static can turn into: www.xxxx贵族宝贝/skirts/blue/7/08/index.html

however, many webmaster all know one thing: earlier, Google Adsense blog published an article about URL dynamic or static good post, in this post, Google has not recommended dynamic static URL.

presents his own opinions in the post:

URL website need static? The author thinks that the current development trend of search engines, or should the static URL. Based on the following reasons:


(2) we should pay attention to Google’s proposal is just from.

address, Google can know the two address is a page that will combine weight, if after the static, Google is not easy to judge is not a page.


3, URL static parameters such as easily mistaken, usually reversed sequence dynamic address the page is the same:

(1) currently no data show that the dynamic URL site in the optimization of static URL is better than

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