third, strong executive ability of

can be said that the Shanghai Dragon don’t mind if you, impetuous, impetuous attitude, is to do well the Shanghai dragon. Why do you say. Because, sometimes, do Shanghai dragon is the lack of mentality, lack is let you feel the details of his. Now a lot of people, perhaps with the structure of urban life is speeding up, the heart also become impetuous, this is actually very good. Shanghai dragon must have a good attitude, a good attitude in order to do things. So now I first to sum up the three Shanghai dragon mentality.

execution, insist on something, but.

beauty, is not the lack of, is the lack of a pair of beautiful eyes, always love this sentence, points out the importance of good at summing up and observation; Shanghai dragon is actually in the life, we lack others money, every time you can see other website advertising on the bus, we can’t pay such advertising, we can only slowly accumulate maintenance every come to our website to find information, he is God; Shanghai dragon is in observation, I love the forum can be found in the search engine on your website judging from the details, we can see that in the end what’s the problem, it can also see why the site right down, is excessive optimization, is the keyword stuffing, or 301, or the subject is not clear, and so on, can be from the judgment See, if there is no reaction, then the site is K off, frankly, or change to IP. Another observation is to see the site is to find the chain, see people outside of the chain, when you want to look for the product information, the Internet in Shanghai about how to find love, so I have so much information, so many blog writing experience, no matter how content, but they are all can express their message point of view; some, this time can also see a lot of information on the forum, these are also the expansion of the chain domain where the domain information is in the network to find the.

first, observation ability

"is a summary period, and another period of time before the enlightenment"; since love Shanghai can do a Monday update, then these website optimization, should also summarize and start it, the server will love Shanghai adjustments, these adjustments will let me have some summary of the website a Monday update Monday, a summary of which are needed, can be summed up some time ago how much of the chain, the content of maintenance, how much do Links; and the last update before ranking what changes, when you summed up, you will find that this week what I do to then at least under the effect of what, what is useful, I remember saying the words "80% of the revenue from 20% of your effort, you can through the work week To test the most reliable what work, and then extend these work.

second, good at summing up the ability of

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