first of all, to have the basic quality of large website optimization macro thinking, a few articles, for a few friends of the chain, the chain for Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing, but we on the site of a future development direction of the entire site, the soul is what we can and must go to and from a website keyword selection strategy to page keywords deployed to the URL design principles and norms to regulate the website internal links to tag tags, pictures label, site map, site search, website article editing mode, 404 page production, traffic statistics tool installation and data analysis (this is very late important!), so we can accomplish the whole website internal construction. And then to design a site outside, it is our hands first have good cards, then now is the time to play out, for the Links is every large website or portal are indispensable, and then try to find high quality platform to leave their site’s footprint, personal feeling better way soft Wen (small PS, Shanghai Dragon Hu is made up of the soft feel), there are better ways, such as the gaming industry to the major media of the game to send the game open service station, Raiders and other news media, the way to leave your site, in many ways I will not enumerate. Share a personal feel pretty good figure:

Shanghai dragon also has a time, from the Shanghai Phoenix team started touching the stones fought all the way, now with so many people do Shanghai dragon, has been on the road ahead, never relaxed. Along the way with the increase seen include their horizons broaden horizons, also slowly become a lot of broad perspective, of course, also more better. Shanghai Longfeng overall optimization for a Shanghai dragon who should have the quality is more than a simple, it is a promotion of products, a website of the soul. So they do not simply Shanghai dragon positioning themselves that narrow, try to treat their own higher requirements.

then, as we will also Shanghai dragon is how to give the value of their products, popular point that is found to make value-added products, like playing games (as well as other products) extrapolation of certain maximum points to find the game features, which is what should be to the crowd, estimated to how many people achieve coverage, how will the report and registration rate and conversion rate are the factors we should consider. It was yesterday morning to see a good marketing case, that is how to buy an apple from the beginning of 1 million, everyone was booed down, then change the way of thinking to find a way to put the apple to sell 10 dollars and 50 dollars and 100 dollars and 1000 dollars to 1 million. However,… We did find this idea, can make the product continuously enhance the value of the idea (if I may not know.

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