first, love Shanghai according to the data error correction we here do not speak, like today, there are a lot of friends are snapshots of the file, but his site was built in 3 months, the lack of display is the 09 year of the snapshot, and once happened in 1996, so this love Shanghai data is not normal, not in our range of discussion.

1, is a snapshot drop right? The answer is not to drop right, but many friends said that snapshot should belong to the right down, snapshot is often accompanied by the correction, specifically how to do that

snapshot not update ?

we need to discuss is the love of Shanghai did not produce abnormal, your website snapshot is right down. In fact, this is not the right down, today we talk about common problems and snapshot. Many students will be modified on the site, including modifications to modify title, or modify the page layout, when you modify or title pages for the revised (you re template), leading to the changes in the page, in this case, there will be a snapshot file. Why Shanghai will love the correction? Many friends do not understand, I modified the latest is today, but he retreated to long before

4, ranked 100 out of

5, included drop




?The credit problem of

this is what we often say. Why is the credit problem, because when love Shanghai come to your website found his original saved data and now grab a gap, and more than 50%, then love Shanghai would think there are some problems such as your website was hacked, because when your website is to kill or be black, black after hanging up some pornographic information, or even the page to delete it, in this case, it will produce a credit, the concrete is black? Or do you change their

site is not in the home

, a judge is really right down

do not know how many webmaster or business friends site is down right or was right down, everyone is confused very many times, want to know how to deal with this incident. Today I put my experience to tell you, if we encounter love Shanghai right down we should settle the problem by what kind of flow, since is about the process, then it means that we need to do what the first step, the second step is required to do, the third step is to do what. Will also tell you is three steps down the right treatment.

3, ranking dropped


love Shanghai there will be a period of assessment. When your web page changes too much, he will send you the snapshot to the previous version. Through the assessment period, he.


according to the above six points, we have to analyze which belongs to right down, and which does not belong to the lower right


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