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often see some sites in Shanghai dragon Er on some search engine optimization is attempted, "why do I often complain about the search engine website" "my website and reduce many, and they always used the constantly changing due to the search engine"". These people but few people stop to think about it, delete included page whether there are duplicate content, whether it is spam.

ER and the webmaster and dealing with a search engine, we must first understand, you are not you, do not directly affect the goal of search engine. So, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization will need to hold a peace of mind, everything to eggs.


search engines do not care less which a web presence, unless you are Sina, NetEase level website. Because if the user cannot find such a web site in the search engine, don’t think they are not, can only blame the search engine is not perfect. But for the vast majority of the sites, the search engines do not care whether you are normal grab, is a complete collection of. Because users don’t care about you, they only want to find the target information. Of course, in addition to your loyal users.

Shanghai dragon about you.

is a search engine for its own existence, in order to occupy the market share, of course, will please users, improve the user experience. But as the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization practitioners in order to get traffic ranking in the search engine to obtain good keywords, must please the search engine. So, the Shanghai dragon Er website optimization will to please the search engine and discuss the user’s joy. This is the website user experience is one reason to survive, after all, the website of Shanghai dragon is more than just ranking optimization.

search engine care delete spam

website optimization Shanghai dragon to understand that a primary user search engine is to use the search engine to search the ordinary users, rather than the site, but not you webmaster or Shanghai dragon er. Although the PPC can bring the most profit for the search engine, but the search engine once lost users will lose the fundamental meaning of its existence.

if the search engine users in a search for information, the search results returned is a lot of topics, there is no meaning to the user. The user will only see a content can be, there is no need to each one and the same information read a >

search engines as the search engine market has the strongest support force must be the first to consider the search engine with the goal, also is the user experience. Only more to enhance the user experience, in order to improve user stickiness, retain user groups. If users cannot find the information content to accurately from the search engines, so that the search engine is undoubtedly failed.

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