is the first site is a failure, because with the learning of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more and more widely, found themselves in this blog there is a big problem, it is not because I choose to choose keywords, keyword competition is too large, there are a lot of students, but also have to love Shanghai home, feel impossible then the optimization is up, so I gave up this station. Keywords after looking for a little competition, so do a mobile phone Taobao guest website, this website a few keywords competition is not large, not what people do, love Shanghai index is almost the same, are more than 200 of the index, I spent more than 2 months time all keywords are optimized to Shanghai love home, a week after Taobao finally saw off the income of 27 yuan, which is a single mobile phone sales commission, although not much, but was very excited, his 2 months of efforts have not been in vain! See income, dry strength is greater, the continuous optimization of the site this site, IP peaked at about 500IP, but the conversion rate is not very high, every day one or two single. Can have a stable website ranking good times don’t last long, about a month, and suddenly it was down the right, all rankings are not, I worried, asked how this is going on, they say a lot of websites have been right down, say love Shanghai convulsions, adhere to the update site, over time ranking will come back I was skeptical, but, to optimize it, there is no other way. A week after the ranking really came back, I really love the sea is hilarious, but this mess convulsions! Not the end, this site can be said to be a "

last August to contact the Shanghai dragon, now almost a year, a total of 5, 6 optimized website ranking still can be in the process of learning with glad that they have had to give up, but still insist on down, now also use the Shanghai Phoenix to find a satisfactory job! Here’s a tortuous experience explain yourself to learn Shanghai dragon one year

my Shanghai Dragon technology is in the interest of the study for the exchange, the reason for it, for the Shanghai dragon training cheap, 240 yuan of lifelong learning, feeling very cost-effective, so she enrolled in a week after signing up! I will establish your first website, is a Q school blog site that feeling is a sense of accomplishment, they finally have a website. Then every day while learning while learning Shanghai dragon combat, passionate and YY voice every night will always be my shadow. Remember when the optimization problem of the biggest website is the original articles and send the chain of the 2 blocks, you can’t write the original article, only the second write pseudo original, the chain is worse, spend a lot of time to do every day the chain, but the effect is not satisfactory, everywhere on the Internet to find a good way to do outside the chain, can be looking outside the chain BBS signature, blog, and several methods of the soft, I always thought that they must have master a good way to do outside the chain, now I know that the chain is actually this in several ways, just that he is too impatient, bear the heart to do it!

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