the world has only one successful, but he has created a digital +job domain of madness. Cultivate the habit of digital +job input. Is the best choice for the domain name. Two digit suffix job.Com domain name in the world is only 100, a small number of large demand for such a domain name is very popular. We are often able to see in the transaction a little bit more of the job owner listed transactions around 50 thousand bid.

51job succeeded, followed by ChinaHR and Zhaopin, slowly approaching. But it is very difficult to achieve the level of 51job, other conditions do not speak, single domain name input habits, people are not used to. Just because they are not used to it, is a famous example of

talent network is the most mature areas of network applications, the traditional talent market in general monthly income is basically between 5 to 200 thousand. The development of the network, the traditional talent market will begin to open up online business, people find work more and more from digital recruitment site. Therefore, according to this inference, after 2008, the number of two owners who will enter the harvest season. I would like to give a better valuation of such domain names 8 to 600 thousand.    

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