here we can from several small aspects. 1, the Shanghai dragon learning method summary. Shanghai Longfeng beginners are often very messy, not on the station network, is to Shanghai dragon why, or read books such as Shanghai dragon combat password. In fact, I seem to have what is wrong, but in fact there is not much effect, sometimes look at East West instead of wasting a lot of time. Therefore, studying in Shanghai at the Phoenix webmaster friends, you can sum up your learning method in Shanghai dragon, there are plans to practice, to learn, and give yourself a timetable, what time, what time to practice, and then summarize out with his Shanghai dragon skills. This constant digestion and continuous learning, in order to faster progress.

Summary of

2, Shanghai dragon target summary. You are the Shanghai dragon to achieve what purpose of learning, for example, is to become a Shanghai dragon Er, or just enough to optimize your web site, so that the majority of words are ranked Shanghai love home. If the former is the need of systematic study, extensive experiments are required to be supplemented, finally the latest research algorithm of search engine, always track record, summarize the more Shanghai Dragon Technology poor. But if you are only to optimize your web site, make the most of the long tail keywords to get good rankings, then you can choose the local practice of Shanghai Longfeng, such as only the study of long tail keywords ranking factors in Shanghai dragon. Give yourself Shanghai Longfeng position at the same time, also equivalent to their website a position, which is the development of your website to achieve what kind of effect can be better. These are in the study of Shanghai Longfeng to consider, not to go to study in Shanghai and dragon to the direction of operation of the site.

Technology: first Shanghai dragon finally will not progress

3, Shanghai dragon action. If you just learn Shanghai Longfeng, not to perform, that is not what effect, so here is actually to win in the execution, execution. Shanghai Longfeng experienced webmaster friends should also believe that the Shanghai dragon is required to execute the good you do not go to the Shanghai dragon project implementation, how to make money. The execution must be set up in a good state of mind on.


today is December 21, 2012, blessing the world peace. By this time, summed up the Shanghai dragon drops, time flies, suddenly fell in love with the sea station K or 3B station or all in the past, in the wave of mobile Internet to meet new challenges, the owners of the road is still. Even the Shanghai dragon road a bit sour, love Shanghai in the non-stop adjustment algorithm and rectification, making Shanghai Longfeng taste is more bitter, but we still have to carefully take Shanghai Longfeng, find their own sweet in the bitter. Here with the help of A5 webmaster SkyDrive Shanghai dragon skills, and we held her hand and talk.

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