The analysis of

as a Shanghai dragon ER, can do basically is the perfect scheme of Shanghai Longfeng persevere. As for other things can not participate in the Shanghai dragon ER, as long as the plan to go to achieve the desired effect scheme. Then is the communication and acceptance, remember we must persevere! Here in Huizhou instead of legal network as an example, a few points to elaborate:

3. key words: when we mention the right keywords is to borrow some more keyword analysis tool to select keywords, and then according to their own experience to judge these keywords competition degree, and some have even given the keyword tool reference data keywords competition size.


the initial contact with the Shanghai dragon, I think this is definitely master gathered in the industry, requires deep internal force and technical support. The layman is so awesome, absolutely can be used to describe our image to them. From the results, people only see the website ranking and flow effect. But few people see, Shanghai Longfeng staff has been quietly struggle until midnight, and sometimes even related to the forum administrator Fengyun confrontation. The hardships, only we know. Can only bite the bullet.

The basic architecture of the


4. layout: when we choose good keywords, next is the key layout of the work. Keywords how to layout we should combine the basic framework of keyword analysis related data of this one and then combined with the site layout, as long as our plan clearly pointed out that web developers can according to our plan to cloth.

1. data: data analysis of this piece of design data too much, for the average Shanghai dragon ER is a headache problem. This one involves too much data, the analysis is relatively trouble. The site will be equipped with a large flow of data analysis of this position, most of the website data analysis this personnel are the core staff of some enterprises. The data analysis of Shanghai dragon ER will contact but rarely to further study the data of this one, another reason is that the data block count is the core of things, the average Shanghai dragon ER is very difficult to reach this one.

5. website: website content is more to the construction of the user, as Shanghai dragon ER we can only provide some advice on writing the title to attract users of editors. The content is more.

2. website: for most of the Shanghai dragon ER technology a slightly insufficient expenditure can understand, technicians very straightforward in this website structure of Shanghai Longfeng block, do not write a decent code and architecture. The basic structure of the Shanghai dragon ER on the site this one can only give the corresponding framework scheme, the rest is technician problem.

The selection and extraction of

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