believe that no one will meet with such a result, this time we need to think about the problem, we optimize the direction is the same, is the construction of the website content and link. But I optimized but not others, it needs to consider the optimization of the different methods, we need to analyze the optimization techniques of competitors, in order to get the most effective skills.


content at the opponent’s update, we all know that search engine spiders crawling content on your site and included it, spiders love regularly updated content and best original content. But as long as you can do a good job of website content with the new optimization of these two? If you think so, then you pay that much effort has been a little bit of harvest should be. In front of that with the new rules, basic knowledge of original content optimization, you need to pay attention to some key details, these details may is to determine the effect of optimization. Like, your competitors are generally in the original content in the station at 9 in the morning to 10:30 release, you will find him very quickly included, you look at the anchor text he content, you will find that it is not the number of anchor text, and are pointing to different pages, home page links not many. Have you noticed that


has always insisted on the optimization will be fruitful, although you optimize the harvest, but the optimization effect you one month but less than others in a week optimization effect, so that you will meet? If I am certainly not satisfied, I work harder than anyone else, but not to return those people without my efforts.

We believe that as long as

then we look at the construction of the link, we are all aware of the importance of links, but the release of links to do is very simple, like Links, to exchange platform can exchange quickly until, like a normal link, go to the forum signature, to blog issued anchor text etc.. But you to analyze your competitors, you will find that for these basic methods they are unworthy of a care, your careful analysis will find that every week they increase the number of links are relatively stable, volatility is not great, object publishing links are the weight of relatively high exchange platform. They won’t go to exchange links exchange platform, exchange object quality is relatively high, such as: PR and their own websites almost included more more, but also with the new good snapshot.

We first analyze the

for optimization of a web site, we need to make clear the development direction of the website optimization, I believe we can quickly understand. The next step is to optimize the specific optimization, site specific, some optimization effect is obvious, you can see the obvious transformation for one or two weeks, and some optimization effect is very poor, need one or two more to see significant changes. The direction of optimization we all know, the construction site later only need to pay attention to two aspects, one is the content of the website is a construction site outside the chain.

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