first to analyze the problems existing in the current site.

two revision. Website redesign, directory and file name is not the same as before (this is important), because the previous directory and file low weight, each search engine has determined this is a dead stop. If you continue using will work to optimize after anti do.

three, the replacement of space. Before the rent 500M space. A server has more than 300 stations, many stations are not standardized by love because Shanghai search engine K. So it is necessary for space. Since the change, we can get a better. For independent nets of IP space. Independent IP space will give the site directly bring a very high weight. There are a lot of attention for space. Next time alone to write an article on the website for space does not affect the site’s article and share. >

to the new company to work for 3 months. Just to see when this station is collapsed. Every day 10 IP. A collection of more than 100. No reverse link. In fact, most of the domestic company station are like this, when I do not understand anything, just to find a small Internet companies spend 1000 yuan can do out a website. The company does not expect this station can bring what customers. The rival company began to promote the network. So we also pay attention to the network. A website analysis let you go, www.0431house贵族宝贝.


third, website update. This is not to say, from the beginning of the construction site after the completion of the contents have been updated. The company has no special person to management.

second, website space. A small company website space is local, not what technical strength, site is often within a day is not to 3-5. In fact, this is understandable. Small domestic networks are so basic. Earn money no matter what, as long as the open Everything will be fine.

, re positioning. Before the site is the company’s name, so that only the search company name of the time to find the company’s website, Shanghai Longfeng must have some flow of words. My friend and I borrowed a love Shanghai union. This can find out what the words flow. Directly to the first ten, then the first ten words of the title of one sentence fluent. Write on you and TITLE. When love Shanghai updates can be found in the sea of love. Never mind how many rankings, as long as there is a place, you can optimize the home page.

all of the above problems. I have to say, how could I make a 6 year old station to.

first, site code. The website is a small network company 6 years ago, the code written is not standardized, there have been two sites during the revision, the technicians Internet companies often change later technology is not responsible for. Lead site code is chaotic.

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