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video writing through translation. This is way out of practice, practice is also very simple, as long as we through translation for some video, or they will discuss points to integration, the article is a complete "original" after the completion of the compilation of the. Or go to the foreign celebrity blog, Raymond, Maurice, Robert · Linus blog, comes with Google toolbar translation or translation of their articles, and then organize the language, write an article with the universal value of reading articles.

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summary sharing network favorites. In general, we see a good article immediately and then to a friend, can do a simple introduction, but it seems a bit too scattered, if you do not recommend the site, site like my bad breath, then I suggest that you can own a total network favorites time, after a period of time to sort out a topic, so that not only high quality, but also has high transmission.

Many novice

blog now has entered the old age, micro-blog and other popular products gradually replaced, but the propaganda value of the blog itself still exists, it is still a part of the webmaster website optimization essential. And it is in the transfer of knowledge on the role of still can not be ignored, as is the familiar Lu Songsong blog, moonlight information, non stranger like, is a novice webmaster even the old owners often go to places. Touchstone so many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners or often use blogs as their occupation planning. But the new blog is not as simple as you think, not simply published articles can make the brand, which we need to consider a lot of thoughts.

group. Is the webmaster will add some Adsense QQ group, one is to promote, on the other hand is to share. But for some high quality group, which the speech quality is quite high, as the author himself joined the A5 webmaster group, which will discuss the site or skills often, the development of Shanghai love to put forward their own views, but the author will own their conversation and view summary together and summary, so is a very practical article.

In the discussion of integration of ?

blog about writing, I think everyone besides good writing, but also learn to efficiently access the material, after all, need to add some pre blog articles, if you only write their own professional articles will run out of ideas, so proper under external force is still quite useful.

how to write a blog?

to do a real fine

also only some easy, after all is to be sincere, only in this way can we get enough attention and support, so we should pay attention to what when writing the

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