two, love Shanghai internal error included soon will restore

website is really in love with altitude hair, which of course means that the website was down the right, when a website is down right after the keyword ranking does not necessarily immediately show, perhaps because the cache causes keyword ranking is not updated, but good is not long, immediately after the fall 100, but still belongs to a kind of more serious, it is certainly difficult to recover, but also to accept the test of time, perhaps 10 days and a half months, maybe 35 months to recover.

is not immutable and frozen method is Shanghai Longfeng, change with the search engine algorithm changes, before keywords accumulation can make a good website ranking, now perhaps will be severely punished for doing so; before many site acquisition can get good rankings, now the website content quality is not high. May be to abandon the search engine. Now your website is love altitude hair, keywords ranking still, but the estimate will appear two different outcomes:

The The search engine

algorithm to love Shanghai "

In fact, we found that This is only

, right down to rank the dying

due to the love inside Shanghai data error site lead to abnormal phenomenon, is also more common, as have some high weight website rather baffling right down, but soon recovered, this site is estimated I love Shanghai because of an internal error cause included only a discourse, but through a week of waiting time perhaps, included will slowly recover, so when the site is abnormal, Shanghai dragon Er don’t assume, especially not because down the right and to the site to do the surgery, then the original is a good web site, by their own get such a "dream come true", originally not right down be yourself right down.

webmaster friends change unpredictably, as everyone knows, every love Shanghai algorithm updates are a few happy tears, the key to go up, the webmaster happy; Web site right down keywords disappeared, the webmaster depressed, before love Shanghai seems to have set update on Friday, but now that it is this is not, at any time may be updated, you just have to look at the performance of their own, if you insist, ranking may go up, if you let the ranking may be lost.

compared to the conventional "law", there are many will make Shanghai dragon Er puzzled, on their web site, in recent days the site is love Shanghai drop right, included only one page of the website, is love altitude hair, although on the surface is not included, but the key words the ranking is still not what changes in the home is still the home page, the optimization process analysis of the website, did not seem to violate the love of Shanghai is still the bottom line, regular content update and the chain construction, now on site optimization at the same time, still looking for the root down the right, hoping to recover as soon as possible.

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