recent stock market boom, so many small scattered began to enter, want to borrow this bull market opportunity to make a fortune. This crazy scene let me direct thought at first entered the Amoy industry event. At that time is around 2009 online shopping tide recently, the electricity supplier do not know much, buy things online, sometimes with the help of Taobao search engine, so there are a lot of customer management means, but with the search for environmental purification and consumption concept of maturity, now the industry is also ushered in his guest shuffle time, many early station have been eliminated. This is actually a good thing is not good, it is easy to understand, the money is not good, and it is easy to understand, that is to stay basically can make money. In fact, looking to come back to buy novice tutorial on spend the time and money, I feel something is not worth, is to teach others, things or to try to own, only through their own efforts to the operation in order to obtain the real meaning. After all I am not what expert, said the level is limited, but I wanted to share my guest for many years suggested today, hoping to be helpful for the novice, of course I share is free.

1, Amoy now is not good to do, this is because compared to before, everyone’s consumption concept matures, also have a fixed consumer brand, so we can not because of what bargains and blindly choose to buy their own goods, so do guest at this time, we should think about the value of the, to give the user a certain value through the process of how to operate their own guest, let the user feel your promotion means useful on its own, it is more important not to buy things.

2, micro business now why so hot, in addition to relying on it is WeChat this platform, I believe it is the most valued circle of friends or friends. After all, compared to the simple online shopping platform, circle of friends to give consumers more experience is a zero distance contact with the seller in real time communication, the establishment of a trust link all better. The guest apparently also to help this idea to realize the transformation of self management mode, in addition to do simple product promotion, we can also bask in the form of a single get our promotion of things, and improve our means in this process, the early Amoy discount group, later and so on are the change of this kind of mode.

, now 3 Amoy product categories too much, as a novice, we must not blindly, cannot choose the heat is too high. After all, limited resources and large grassroots can not face competition, but we can not often upsets do not buy is not more pain, at this stage we should consider when selecting a product precision, where the advantages of their own channels, which focused on the user, and then to choose the right products. Of course, you can also according to their recessive consumption out to select the appropriate means of promotion, in the choice of goods when the guest is not blind, remember this.


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