Internet is a very important feature of fast, fast change in information, fast spread, update fast, in the fast behind, there is a huge opportunity. Because the rapid Internet environment will lead to more industries, this time to see if you have a pair of eyes to find opportunities. But on the other side of the business is competitive, because want to rely on the Internet and fortune of too many people, we are trying to explore business opportunities, realize the dream of gold, then a good idea will be a lot of people at the same time, then who will be the winner in the end depends on what time do you put this idea into into the actual operation. There was a rumor that Zuckerberg stole an English student’s idea and created facebook. For this rumor, I generally do not care, because no matter what Facebook is Zuckerberg founded and developed, he was the first to move into action, he is eligible to enjoy all this now, so in Wangzhuan industry, whether you can succeed or not depends entirely on your creativity, more is the source in your action.

The Internet is not synonymous with

      the shlf1314 is through what technology is click on the interpretation by the publisher I click on it, only through the IP to judge, precisely obtained by statistic analysis of IP and shlf1314 Adsense ad Click login backstage IP, what is the specific criteria I am not very clear, but one thing is for sure, if you have to click on all the IP as a IP assuming the LAN is a website, users to the LAN, and does not exist if you click fraud, log back in the LAN, or browse click IP and you log back IP is the same, you will be considered at the click of your own ads, click on this after all is considered invalid clicks. So don’t think clear cookie or reinstall the operating system you can let shlf1314 not recognize you, in fact, shlf1314 anti cheating is very clever, its core is only one, everything looks abnormal clicks from a statistical point of view is likely to click fraud, according to reliable information shlf1314 anti cheat statistical model 40 a large, very complex, so we advise those.


, this is a lean start-up era, it is necessary to translate the idea into operation

now we put more Wangzhuan the meaning of simple, think Wangzhuan is to make money on the Internet, in fact, this definition is not exactly right, because the Internet is just a promotion or show platform, here we are more opportunities, for example, I have a friend do full-time SEO optimization before often receive tasks in the A5 mission area, in addition also has a personal blog for this blog, he explained that "self name card", meaning is to enhance the ability of the mission area by exercise and earn money, and then put their own blog up, raise the visibility of the industry, he also did not expect really put your keywords "Changsha SEO" to do home "

often Adsense related forums to see someone mentioned that GG is not through cookie or hardware address, such as MAC to determine whether users click on your own ads, source code and analysis of the two days of the time to study GG advertising, the conclusion is that GG is not possible to determine whether to click on the the publisher himself through cookie and hardware address. GGAD ad code http://s.pagead2.shlf1314syndication/pagead/show_ads.js is a obfuscate mixed code and compressed, after decompression and " " to see clearly the logic process, please read the code to find it was not to use cookie technology, but also did not make use of plug-in technology, pure JavaScript code, code the core is dynamic and produce a iframe, to accommodate the contents of advertisements. Because the iframe region is pagead2.shlf1314syndication and the web domain is different, the browser privacy policy is generally not allowed a home page and different sub pages, such as iframe or cookie read operation, through the communication network and the backstage GGAD sniffer interception content can also be seen and no cookie HTTP or its head the contents of the contents. This proves that cookie is not the basis for judging whether or not to click on an advertisement in two ways. In addition, the so-called hardware ID is even more out of the question.

in a timely manner

said the truth is now a true Internet era, more and more young people through the broad stage to become the great you build up the family fortunes, Wangzhuan in my heart. Take the latest Facebook, when Zuckerberg was in the university dormitory to complete this product and promote out, and eventually become a billionaire. And the founder of all this is the Internet, and it helped Zuckerberg accomplish his dream. May be encouraged by more and more people, many before have no contact with the Internet novice has joined the ranks of people regardless of personal danger, in the hope that realize their dream of gold, but the result? I see is more disappointing return, what caused this situation? Is Wangzhuan industry has on the West. Or another reason? In fact, but we are in Wangzhuan "packaging" words, it does have a powerful creative force, but the need to use the correct Wangzhuan help, not because you have a cavity blood into the so-called RMB.

Wangzhuan, can also be combined with the actual offbeat "Wangzhuan"

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