test page layout

page layout, which is the most important site of the internal layout and layout of the browser, browser layout web content can be displayed in the middle, now there are many websites set up a problem, use the IE browser when the page can also be displayed in the IE center, but when using 360 travel, tour, there is a part of the web page or on the left, to the right, this will affect the user experience, must be correct, might as well use a few tours to open their own.

test "is not only a say in the words on the page, as a webmaster, we should spend more time to open the test speed, webpage color, comprehensive layout," "privacy," single registry code can be deleted, these basic properties affect the site’s conversion rate the conversion rate, the important function of website profit performance, we talk about how to test the web site, but also a healthy tomorrow.

There are many factors including

website advertising everywhere visible everywhere, exaggerated advertising, advertising information complaints everywhere. These are based on the mature practical basis, and I think that your website is less advertising, then we should keep users in some more, and some important elements to keep the user is the web page performance, so the test page effect I believe than you advertise the blow the effect is even better.

many webmaster will say different people have different hobbies of color, it is true that the sentence is right, but because it is difficult to word your website color is all bright? I do not, I think the color "is the best, and if you do is the customer the impulse of the site, so the red color is your choice, if you do want to keep the site is the customer, then I think on the website of the color a little low-key is feasible, many websites such as the color is light blue, light purple, the color is our choice, if you do not believe, call friends and family to help you, if there are more than twenty percent of people said that your website is not, then change a color, not because of the expense of the user color.

test page color

test page open speed

I of the site open speed test of the intersection of two methods, the 1 is to invite 10 friends to open the site in different regions of the QQ, and then I will consult them, will open the speed in 2 seconds or more areas recorded, if 10 friends in 7 open web pages in speed for 2 seconds, then I think this step can be tested so far. 2 is the use of Ping tools and web speed diagnostic tools to test six times in three hours, and then numerical record them down, finally "connection speed is less than one second or less, then we can this page open good.

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