three, submitted notice, in accordance with the requirements to fill in the information, here to explain several key parts:


five, if you can communicate with good eloquence, may soon be able to help you review, many owners of promotion counterparts have a strange feeling, just talking to, what things are not going

two, the content of the website is to be perfect, the best love Shanghai included, have included a certain amount of

site name: general is included to do anchor text link, so this place only fill in one word, but you want to do the promotion, don’t remember a bunch of words to fill in the.


directory is for manual review, which is not necessarily submitted will be approved, so how to make the site is approved? Pay attention to the following aspects;

Description: generally not more than 250 words were introduced on the site, many webmaster is a direct copy web site description, which of course is a kind of method, if you submit the catalogue more, write some suggestions separately, after all, all copy web site description is search engine included odds for content the repetition rate is too high to reduce.


six, fast pay trial, this is also a method of many category included, this method has the advantage of many, convenient and fast, and generally will show the advantage, the price is not expensive; disadvantage is.

domain name: general format is www.xx贵族宝贝 or bbs.xx贵族宝贝, you don’t want to put the website so page submitted.

firstly, the contents of their site health, general categories are not included are not friendly to search engines such as sites, illegal sites like to dispel the idea of the directory submission.

"content is king, the chain for emperor", this sentence for every webmaster all know, no matter how the rules change, content, chain are 2 major factors influencing ranking. How to release the chain, where the chain has become the most headache thing, after all, the quality of the chain is not much, the quality of the chain less free. In fact, web site directory is a place where the webmaster should not ignore the web site directory is usually manual review, archiving of the site in accordance with the corresponding classification, the search engine has been on this kind of website is friendly, the weight is not low, more important is a lot of free directory submission, and once included, no the conference was deleted.

four, can be submitted after the home page in the website according to the situation or the inside pages do on the other side of the chain, the chances of being included will increase greatly. After all, all is hope of mutual support;

TAG label: This is actually a very important place, many owners do not pay attention, TAG labels of the role is to increase your site in other related sites, with more opportunities, more related to the best.

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