four update. The update is essential, but must not. The mood today, update ten, then this month on the matter, one day a month after the update, you think would like us to school? You finished ahead of knowledge the teacher will praise you? I can be very responsible to tell you that you are wrong, this will only make love the Shanghai spiders get tired of you, you have to stand by K, and now you love this does not meet the Shanghai rules, you will not stand up.

server five. The stability of the server for a web site is very important.

two content. Before falling in love with the original love GG more than GG, but now also began to pay attention to the. So you want to PR, it must be original, of course, if it could not write, or pseudo original, but to the false false original real, or be white work. If you update the content of the article is, copy and paste, not only will not give you love Shanghai included, right down is not possible. So, you want as much as possible to meet the love of Shanghai, even if you don’t write, also can buy a few soft, when you find you standing back to the original ranking, it is all worth.

three, link. If you use good words, I recommend you to publish to the soft, Admin5 forum, because of its relatively high weight, also can make the weight of your own station to improve. Similarly, the sea is now in love with Chinese the best search engine, you in love or love in Shanghai Post Bar Shanghai Forum on their links, tell you a little secret, as long as your level is high enough, love Shanghai ask so can take link, if not, you can with love in front of this web site in Shanghai, Shanghai love yourself you take it from your web site, but also sent out the link.

, the chain. Because your station is K, this is a sensitive period, so you have to strictly control the quality of your chain, the chain number you best reduced to 50 to 60, enterprises may be less (every day to observe your outside the chain, to see whether the chain by K). The chain number is your fine not more expensive, if you are outside of the chain is full of garbage outside the chain, then you want to go back to basic is impossible, a high quality the chain could top 100 junk the chain. And you waste chain much love Shanghai won’t give you a snapshot. Of course, this is just to say the Links part, most of the chain or from the platform or the soft.

A few days ago

I own a talent net ranking from sixth down to 152nd, while Shanghai said this period of time is not stable, but also can not have changed so much. So I began to look for what went wrong, would cause so much influence, and finally did not find nothing, but I still remember the most important link of Shanghai dragon. Through a week of effort, I stand back to the original ranking. Now I would like to share my experience:


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