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3, the search engine friendly


key rankings rely on a stable space continued to rise, and for an unstable natural space, can not guarantee the keywords ranking stability. Many sites keywords turbulent because of space caused by the instability of the space, and also is the normal operation of a website lies.

4 is not conducive to update the

1, the key ranking unstable

website is a snapshot of the cached page search engine to crawl the site after the leave, and the search engine also expressed what did not use research. But in the eyes of the webmaster snapshot can reflect the website there is no spider crawling after all to snapshot update is bound to the spider crawling website can realize the content index. So, for the unstable server, if one day the spider crawling to the site is not accessible, could not update the snapshot. But even crawling cannot, let alone is included, so that the server is not stable living to two factors and the most basic web site with deadly effect.

web server is essential to the normal operation of the site, as the foundations of the building, the track board if there is a problem, the loss is certainly very heavy. For the website optimization, web server is more important, many of the owners are not updated, complaining about his low weight website snapshot, this server must have. So, do site optimization should first have a stable server, otherwise the future work will be can’t do anything. In this regard, the author analyses several effects on the server today Website Optimization:

5, which is not conducive to enhance the site weight and ranking


search engine is to judge the value of the site from the server to the analysis of whether the normal operation, the normal assessment period is the test of whether the normal operation of the website, and for some servers can not be normal and stable operation, the natural search engine for its poor impression, even in the more original content will not let the search engine with the after all, even the most basic site operating conditions are not up to how there will be a good impression, how will receive special care.

weight for the level of the web server is very strong, after all the normal operation of the website to access the server must be normal, and for the web server even normal operation are not natural, let alone get weights from the search engine promotion. Moreover, since no weight, then the ranking is not good to go. So, the web server is not stable but also affects the weight, ranking the two important factors of the site.

2, page is not included in

space is not stable, it can not be so smooth the spider crawling content, naturally do not want the site to be included within the pages, even have access to space, how included? So the space is not stable absolutely affects the inside pages will not be included.

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