I only registered Sina, Sohu, NetEase, love Shanghai.

needs a total of 84 blogs, divided into 4 levels, numbered 81 to 84 are needed for optimization of the main site, to transfer the weight; integer number 5 refers to the 81-84 blog, the blog is pointing to the integer number 5.

love Shanghai, included the fastest, but also easy to be blocked, whether early or mid-term, must be careful to bo.

article not to keep the chain? I suggest the early not to stay outside the chain, not the anchor, reduce the risk of sealed up.

3, released the


this is a chance to see from inside the group, the first think of a huge project, but think carefully, this probability sprocket is punished by search engine is very low, the initial effect may not be obvious, but in the long term, may very good effect. Figure

1, registered blog

2 sprocket

NetEase blog, love Shanghai included the speed in general, likely the biggest advantage is that the NetEase blocked the blog is very low.

Sohu blog, yet do sprocket effect unknown.

some time ago a group purchase blog group software on A5, here is not that software name.

in the construction of blog chain. We can get some experience, and share with you.

4, blog has been blocked on how

81-84 blog name I use the web site keywords, No. 5 integer times blog, with the site of the long tail keywords. The rest of the blog is free to take, a female name (blocked probability is smaller, hehe)

avoid blog is collective blocked, so I never made the same article, with the acquisition of. I used here is a veteran acquisition software, free version of it, is the collection business articles, collecting two to three times a day. There will be about 400-600 articles, that is to say, 400-600 can keep a blog, can do 5 sets of sprocket. Here also remind do blog friends, don’t be too much of the day, it is easy to be blocked, 1-2 every day is enough, too far.

blog picture all the manual upload beauty avatar, Links also do manual, time-consuming work of these two, is also very demanding. But it is not adhere to the Shanghai dragon).



Sina blog, love Shanghai included the speed, high rate of false original articles included, blog page early not loved Shanghai included, generally issued 20 articles after that there might be love Shanghai included the home page, a snapshot update slow. In addition to early Bo Sina blocked off the blog.

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