for the published article, because it is not our site above the post, so we do not need special embedded keywords, if you can, we can take our title on the site’s name, and even our web site. Because of the love of Shanghai Post Bar more stringent audit, may take our address more difficult. In order to attract target concise Title users, is the real skill.

, a Shanghai love picture set

two, clever content building

We use a number of

really love Shanghai new promotion center and the key point is that our fans. Because only in the fall in love with the sea our fans can see our information in the fresh. This is necessary to try every way to improve our.

four, the number of fans

In the past we do

three, the title of the article highlights the theme of

recently you may have noticed, as long as you login to the account to love Shanghai love Shanghai’s home page, you will find more than a real hot plate. This section is mainly enumerated in the concern of the most recent search. In fact, this module has another plate, it is fresh. This new function is shown in Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar love love space including you and your friend recently published articles, upload photos, update the content of the latest developments. This pattern is similar to the social network. We can say, if I have a love Shanghai account, above a large number of fans, and I published information can be displayed in their love Shanghai home, if we can use this one function reasonable, will bring great benefits to our site.

the author will share how to love in Shanghai fresh things to maximize the promotion effect.


Forum promotion, blog promotion when used picture love with the beautiful, handsome and some pictures to attract visitors to the other. But for the love of Shanghai fresh things, we are mainly to promote our site or enterprise, we at this time is the best use of our site or enterprise LOGO. So long as our fans love Shanghai home you can see our LOGO, to deepen our impression for visitors.

whether we are in love or love Shanghai space, Shanghai Post Bar inside the contents are based on our website as the core content, so don’t talk a big paragraph, only at the end point of our site is good, such propaganda is not the best effect. Because fresh show in Shanghai love box can display up to almost three lines of text, we need to point out our site theme, of course we can’t point out we are naked to promote the site, to one, roundabout publicity our site.

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