Chinese has many webmaster, they stand are very good, they will have to stand on their own domain name in the site before pondering, and whether a domain name is the good domain name or not, it is important to the establishment of a link. Let me write down what kind of domain name is the good domain name, not blame, I hope you Bozhuan:

first: meaningful domain name is a good domain name

"Shorter is Better" in is its website slogan, is a foreign corn worm website, I have free will go for a walk, but I think " the shortest must not be the most suitable ". Because, I think the meaning of good donations, love and career, the ultimate pursuit of life, no one dares to deny. For example, when a problem appears in front of you, "" and "" which one would you choose, I think a lot of people will choose """. There are "happybirthdaytoyou" and "hbdty" or I think the world will choose to express the meaning of clear, in accordance with the general human choice of "happybirthdaytoyou". So remember that the meaning is still king and the meaning is overwhelming.

second: "warning" is a good domain name domain name


called "warning", is a successful case of walking in front, and now there are still successful websites in operation, for example, I say 123,, a series of quilting domain name many "good" open, numerous, the number of very much. "Haodx" and "haodp" and "haodf" and "", they are very successful. Another example of "17" and "86" open domain, two 17+ and 17+ words of the mother, I know that success is 1, called, I have a, so I believe this kind of rice is very popular, 17 open and 86 open domain, at least I think have a good idea in front of the " and " together; " Chinese; " or " Bole " a, remember "I sold the Chinese beauty", I feel this domain to do after the station must be very good flow. In addition to 51 and 52 of these popular series of domain names, for more than.

third: worth the hype is a good domain name domain name.

domain name is not necessarily good but also has its too observant of conventional standards., around the road, and not all domain names can be fried fried, but the domain name is the good domain name, but also the quality of fried, fried or buy it! For example, what domain name the most worthy of the hype, I think the copycat domain name, what call the copycat domain, not necessarily contain "Shanzhai" character of the domain name, because that is the power of example copycat. "

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