local talent net in the end how to operate? How profitable? These are many webmaster has been thinking from the station at the beginning of the problem, I believe that many owners have been to the national recruitment website such as recruitment, 51JOP and 58 city, is now very hot people network, Ganji and other classified information in the face of so many websites! How to survive, local talent network

?If you open the

the same website no information, it is easy to go to a large collection of information and it is K, so here I teach you a few simple ways. First, we can buy some recruitment information of newspapers, generally a week 1 newspaper published a lot of recruitment information released a day. No general newspapers on the information network, so basically the original article is released! Don’t pay attention to in the process of finishing up, because there are some operators is to recruit talent newspaper, this part does not need to register in, because the operator is not the Internet to find a job, we only need to arrange some such recruitment office information. These enterprises make the information that these companies spend money and are willing to spend money to appear in the newspaper, I understand our talent newspaper a small box to hundreds of pieces! 1 skills, such as our local company "Wuxi XX Ltd." so that we can be slightly under the "Jiangsu city of Wuxi province XX Co. the company recruitment so the site will be a lot of long tail keywords, attracted a lot of traffic. 2 skills, for the enterprise to optimize the posts. How to recruit the accountant or sales staff, I can change into Wuxi Wuxi accounting recruitment, sales staff recruitment, Wuxi aluminum.

for a new station if there will be job seekers come to our website to publish job information without content, so in the beginning of the site can only go through our own collection, collecting resumes of places you can go to the 58 city network, Ganji, people network and local well-known recruitment website, go to the web site just registered a a company, then you can download resume! Here to note is a collected resume, not to change the pseudo original job information in order to make love in Shanghai included, each resume released after successful through email or SMS to the user, inform him of the information (also can take account of the password sent in the past).

talent network is not in first-tier cities, so I tell you, your competition will be less, a few days ago I heard my friend said that now a nationwide recruitment website account on the two or three line of the city of big companies are now frozen, in other words a lot of two or three line city not in some national the recruitment network recruitment information, local network professionals will choose this part of the company, now the local talent net also many, so if companies and job seekers to our website information? As for talent network program, space and domain name I do not say! Today I come and share the next place talent network operation experience.

second: Recruitment Information and Shanghai dragon tail optimization

: the first biographical information collection

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