AdMob every ad request was 4 billion

Beijing News (reporter Liu Xia) in the Chinese market after years of struggling, the search started nobles fought China Mobile baby (micro-blog) advertising market. Yesterday, the noble baby imagination spatiotemporal activity, global vice president, aristocratic nobility baby baby Chinese President Liu Yun, the first disclosure of the mobile advertising market development in the China noble baby, said the July 2012 China Mobile advertising request in the world top five.

with the development of mobile Internet, the user has begun to tilt to the mobile terminal. According to the statistics of the market consultancy iResearch, the intelligent mobile phone users Chinese every day with 1 hours of non call time, while the mobile terminal users monthly traffic of about 1G (including WIFI).

in addition, the noble baby Monday launched a new project in the UK, to provide loans for business users, to help small and medium enterprises to buy the company’s search advertising. It is reported that the noble baby will be the first to launch the service in the UK, and then fully launched in the U.S. market. Liu Yun said yesterday that the new project is still in the trial, the headquarters had not yet been planned in China.

yesterday, few public appearances of the noble baby global vice president, President Liu Yun said China noble baby, baby in the noble idea space activities, "mobile advertising demand from Chinese is a trend of rapid growth." In 2009, Liu Yun succeeded Li Kaifu (micro-blog), their noble baby Chinese.

two years ago, mobile advertising platform AdMob noble baby spent $750 million on the world’s largest acquisition of. Yesterday disclosed data show that AdMob ad requests a day has reached 4 billion.

industry insiders believe that this initiative is to help the baby aristocracy over the past year has been the impact of the economic downturn in small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to boost the company’s advertising business. >

mobile advertising is the rapid growth of demand

yesterday, Liu Yun, vice president of global China noble baby president, attended the noble baby created spatiotemporal activity. Beijing News reporter Zhou Gangfeng photo

mobile advertising is through mobile devices (mobile phone, PSP, tablet computer) access to mobile applications or mobile web page display advertising, advertising forms include: pictures, text, commercials, etc.. Liu Yun presented data show that in July 2012, domestic mobile advertising demand in the global top five. In the past year, domestic mobile advertising claims increased by 120%. Liu Yun said, PC end, tablet computer terminal and intelligent mobile phone and other multi screen has changed the Internet, noble baby will also be launched mobile advertising strategy in multi screen. The solution provides a total of four in advertising, mobile advertising, mobile web search advertising and mobile video advertising application in the future of the program.


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