why do I say this in the rankings of the most main reason is to be updated, and the original station optimization.

first said I stand www.06xushi.cn, I stand why ranking dropped, did not rise, the reason is that I was not going to update, and on a large scale on the website, I think some cheating places are removed, may cause the ranking drop, but the most important reason is not often the update, especially home, my website is a static web site, but this time I use manual updating, placing a blog program inside the website, then manually update the page, make it convenient to crawl, although included, but this is still very troublesome, before this, after all the historical problem, here I have said something big under the optimized processing problem I, all of a sudden a lot of processing of the home, such a decline in ranking Yes.

second: This update, I update very frequently, to update the basic long time, a long time is a few months to update a thing, that is the ranking is not very good, now I often update, can not say that the ranking is good, but really large flow, long tail keywords many are brought to flow, the main domain of PR and included the number is much, here that you want to update the PR high, and included, actually so simple, this change also shows that the search engine ranking to update, and those now ranked good standing, especially the word Shanghai the dragon, you look good, but love is Shanghai’s own products frequently updated, not updated frequently will never have good.

; recently I found a problem, is that once I updated, will soon be love Shanghai included, and are basically on the same day, a few hours after the publication, if I go to reprint, the faster the fastest time I wrote a few words, is actually testing, but are original and soon included, this shows that love Shanghai grabbing at the original things is very fast, although disappeared in second days, but that love Shanghai grab frequently especially original fast, in fact I also do a test is to write some Online Title articles were reprinted content and the original results page there are many online, but the content is original, second days are also included, but that did not reprint included, visible.

The first

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, has recently found several ranking rising fast, I also analyze the reasons, why in the end, the site also has a lot of comments, I analyzed and summarized, it is updated, the original, in the update, there is no other reason, I feel now the search engine especially love Shanghai slowly has not paid much attention to the chain, this is not that website internal optimization is more important, so the leap ranking station must be optimized, set specific examples I will not say, I just below the analysis, we see is not justified.

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