4, Links: the day before yesterday, the exchange of a chain, the station is now no problem, two, the beginning of a first, a snapshot not update, were down right.

here to talk about some specific countermeasures.

, first of all, the analysis as a whole to grasp the general situation about the data, website:

2, snapshot snapshot: stability, every day is the next snapshot.

, and on the day of the update, produced, change server >

once found the site to drop right, we don’t confound, to calm down the reason analysis, and then formulates the reasonable measures to restore website optimization effect.

meAnalysis of

1, 3.17 on the day of the site to change the server, immediately check the dead links, 404 error page. The home was dead links, and 404 found it no, tragedy. The company changed the program no later this


1, included: in recent days included total stability. That day included stability. Yesterday (3.21) of Article 5 are not included.

5, the space is no problem. The website is still alive, the same IP site is not space, server problems.

run down the right site, you are now a lot of first thought is to love Shanghai, love Shanghai, waiting to return. Here I want to say is that the site right down, whether the injury, or other factors, it is certainly the problems of your web site. Just don’t think these problems, no, not evade. This is the key.

website 贵族宝贝ptjlnk贵族宝贝/ my 3, 21 the day before yesterday, be right down, immediately after doing a general analysis of the data, if not please do not paizhuan. Here a big

two, the past work site, or whether the site has a big adjustment.

3, trans: before the chain number 1.09w, today 9890, reduced by 200, other time. (not how recently the hair of the chain, is a few webmaster forum signature.

, hope to help some people may be:

through the webmaster tools, some more, are generally able to come out. I personally recommend the first archive. Behind may be also useful.

most people now say, as long as the site was down the right, as long as the will to update the original article, do the high quality the chain, can certainly up. This view is right, but we do stand, can be so passive? Such as the restoration of love Shanghai slowly, it is generally a long wait. I think this is not desirable, take the initiative to identify problems, solve problems, the implementation of it, will certainly accelerate the recovery rate.

For example,

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