website has a good update frequency is of great help to lead the spider, will let the spider love your site, often to climb your site. I have been since the establishment of the station every day three article update, and the article or independent of the original article, update time is fixed every day at 9 o’clock update, from the web log to see the spider come to my site every day. This is not the cause of SITE effect.


frequently change the home page will let the spider think your site is not construction, not to crawl the content on your site and even lead to SITE drop right suspended included no home. My site after the completion of the first fourth days, had a relatively large change, has not changed, according to the preceding snapshot update date, the factors have a certain influence, because the snapshot has been stuck in the update before.

I heard my friend

chain can be divided into general forum, blog, friends of the chain and soft chain, there are other tools such as some query query image, Links exchange platform and a few. Because I was the site soon is the main job of forum and blog link, query image and exchange platform, there are a few soft chain weight high, but most of all the money or style of writing is good, so I do not. A few days ago, my friend came to see me play, nothing with my computer go to the forum, I did not care, because I want to go to work, because my home computer accounts are automatically saved in the forum, the forum is in my account, forum account has a signature. Five days later my friend left, today the results found that SITE home page disappeared, I check the chain! Oh my God! The chain jumped more than 900, the chain rose.

3. large density

SITE website is not home, I suggest that is not too big website keywords password, excessive optimization phenomenon, I immediately check, my KEYWORDS density is not more than 2%, so it is not established.

2. sites do not continue to update

server is not stable so that the website cannot open or open delay would make spider crawl difficult, so it does not love your site, causing the site to drop right, from the surface to SITE is not in the first home page or not. Because I build a personal site server using the American space, average opening speed slower than domestic 2-3 seconds, but also can open the opening speed within 10s. This factor has little effect on.

1. server stability factorsThe

got up early this morning, due to personal website soon, I pay special attention to, love Shanghai today to update it up first thing is SITE a website, the results can not find the website home page. The individual factors affecting SITE as follows:

4. frequent changes to the home page

5. site outside the chain factorsThe

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