in the station operation, the sprocket can effectively enhance the website ranking. Dozens or even hundreds of links to web pages repeatedly to form a "ring"

three: Web content similarity

At the same time in the chain in the same source wusuowei

in the station operation, website domain name registration should be more cautious in minimizing its diversity, similarity. Such as: name, address, telephone, because the domain name information highly similar or repeat the same search engine judge one of station group standards. If there is a large number of similar website registration information, light is right down, heavy is directly reduced to stations blacklist. However, the domain name system introduced, but to further control the wanton behavior registered domain name, for the station group operation is nothing more than an obstacle.


on several websites, but if dozens or even hundreds of websites, the chain information appears repeatedly in the same location is doubtful? Similarity site outside the chain source, search engine is an important standard of station group. Outside chain resources station also so much, so the chain distribution properly how cautious, but will not make the site to be search engine speculation, reduce the similarity of the chain, in order to make the site in the station operation, go for a long time.

station group operation, beneficial to rapidly improve the site ranking, is an indisputable fact, however, the improper operation is more likely to be doomed eternally blacklisted. Then, the search engine is how to monitoring stations? For this, as a webmaster do not even stations should also be properly understood. Because even though the normal construction site, conventional improper operation may still be included in the search engine manslaughter, stations blacklist. Here we will analyze the search engine on the judgment rule of station group:

two: all of the domain name information

: a web host is similar to IP

in the construction site, why the same IP website not to each other Links? Is not the search engine website that cheat in the same station group operation. Some Adsense JianShe Railway Station group in order to reduce the cost of investment, will be a theme similar sites in the same IP server, so stations in operation, is the most easy to be one of the search engine recognition rules. In the end, the capital, to meet the eye everywhere example The loss outweighs the gain. cast to waste.

in the station operation, similarity, content of web application, search engine is the object of suspicion. If the same site construction sites, but the procedure, content, keyword "duplicate, it will be listed as a suspect in search engine. In the station operation, safe operation of diversification "program, content, keywords, in order to make the site longer and farther away. The use of tools do not update manually update the appropriate, exchange various links, can also reduce the similarity.

four: the site outside the chain source similar to

five: standing group of sprocket link

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