just bought a mobile phone to "recall", can be free of charge for the new mobile phone, but need to "advance" mobile phone models, and dig the pockets found on when. Suzhou, Wuzhong District, a consumer almost fell into the online shopping trap, but fortunately immediately to the Consumer Protection Committee complaints, only to recover the loss.

yesterday, Alipay also to the evening news sent a risk warning, to remind the public online shopping should be "third party" fraud.

Mr. Ge is Suzhou City, Wuzhong District, he bought a mobile phone through the network, the price is 899 yuan, an online shopping company shipped from Beijing. But after a while, Mr. Ge received a phone call from Beijing, claiming to be a mobile Internet shopping company’s customer return, asked how he felt using the phone, mr.. A week later, Mr. Ge also received the other side of the phone call, said the company did find problems in the quality of mobile phone panels, a nationwide recall of products at the same time, free replacement of the new mobile phone users, and also donated 100 yuan Mobile Recharge Card, but users receive a new mobile phone before, must first advance mobile phone models so, the old mobile phone sent back immediately after the refund. 4 days later, Mr. Ge really received a courier sent by post express Beijing, Mr. Ge hopes to see the first payment, but the courier said the postal party requires payment. Mr block had to pay 899 yuan, open the package, Mr. blocking found another mobile phone brand name machine, there is no prepaid card.

Mr. Ge found out before the purchase contact telephone number on the Internet, the other said they did not engage in this activity, Mr. Ge it feels cheated, and hurried to the Suzhou Consumer Protection Committee received complaints, complaints, the staff immediately and contact the local post, return a new sent to the mobile phone, pick up 899 yuan.

coincidentally, yesterday, "Alipay" to the evening news risk warning sent the latest reminder, online shopping should be "third" fraud.

the buyer paid the money, the seller also sent the goods, but suddenly change the mailing address, the final goods fall into the hands of third people, so that buyers and sellers suffered losses. Flukecn.com this also remind friends love online shopping, careful shopping, to prevent the "third party" fraud.

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