3. product categories, according to the data structure of the Jingdong, is divided into three levels:

A. is a classification, such as household appliances, mobile phone, computer digital products, general merchandise. This kind of keywords love Shanghai natural ranking in the 2, 3 page position, currently only see the word has to do household appliances SEM, ranking in different time performance, the current tracking to the best position in the sixth place, the worst position in thirty-eighth. This kind of key words with the following two kind of keywords, the corresponding conversion rate should be as brand keywords and keyword subdivision model, so in the premise of Shanghai Longfeng better performance under the corresponding SEM input reduction is also reasonable;

2. types of products, such as: Logitech (Logitech) M215, Touch 32G, Touch 32G and other apple. This kind of keywords Jingdong in Shanghai love rank a page one, even some mixed in the first three pages, the effect is very good, as mentioned for the apple Touch 32G, Touch 32G, Touch3 generation, the three words respectively occupy 1, 1-7-15, 1-29 natural search ranking position, you want to buy Touch3 is around but Jingdong. Because of this kind of word of the Jingdong of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect is very good, so the corresponding need not invest too much in this auction, only a few relatively hot and natural ranking is not very near the front of the Jingdong to do the corresponding word PPC, such as HP LaserJet p1007, HP P1007, LaserJet p1007, the HP the printer products, this product is popular, but the Jingdong ranked nature in these three words of love in Shanghai after third pages or so, do love Shanghai auction, the first position is

B. two categories, such as:



GREE in Shanghai, 13, 11 love 29 natural ranking position; CHIGO (CHIGO) in the 1 and 9 natural ranking position;


1. brand keywords, such as apple, Lenovo, Fuji, Dopod, CHIGO Joyoung, etc.. The general situation of this kind of keywords of the Jingdong is Shanghai dragon ranking mostly in the first three pages, there are some very good page, such as:

I will

Antec in 2, 6, 7 natural search ranking position etc.. These pages also has many kinds, the product page, evaluation page, auction page, product category pages, WAP pages, page evaluation, research on the Shanghai dragon page, contribute to the optimization of other website;


the keywords are divided into several categories:

this is known as the largest 3C consumer electronics and home appliances and B2C enterprises really gave me a lot of surprises, especially in the product model with key aspects.

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