found a decline in ranking, webmaster immediately launched the core content upload

constantly updated website ranking, stable starting work of

content as the core has been a common idea of most webmaster, in the face of search engine is constantly updated, we can not ignore the role of content, a website without content is not a mature website, a website without content is an unqualified site, so our site found in time the decline should also be positive for the new website editing content uploaded to the site, but the content must also: originality, relevance, adequacy, orderliness and usefulness. Do this a few of our content to be able to play a due role, otherwise the content is made of white.

immediately ?

crazy face adjustment love Shanghai rankings, an ordinary website could not respond, the adjustment of the old love Shanghai ranked website basically no effect, but for the on-line within three months of the site is the adjustment of the influence of the website is very large, there are part of the site is in Shanghai ranking crazy adjustment in the context of declining ranking, which slide out hundreds of meters away. How to face this kind of situation as an ordinary personal webmaster to adjust the crazy love Shanghai ranked

constantly updated ranking, whether this update is forward or backward, which shows that the data on the website of the Shanghai love in the database is not very stable, so as a webmaster must start the basic work of the website, the website of the foundation including stability, stability, click on the host program for stable, webmasters will have to work hard from this point. My suggestion is: one is to install the mainframe stable detection software, found that the unstable status will automatically prompt it to decide whether to transfer the host; two is to check the site if there are dead links, invalid code, if found to play this code links problem immediately corrected; three is to prevent malicious Click

love the face of Shanghai adjustment, webmaster immediately start the user first plan

used to love Shanghai rankings are updated once a week, with the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm, now love Shanghai ranked by the previous updated once a week to adjust to update several times a day, a website on the morning of the same rank can be the first love of Shanghai, but in the afternoon the ranking you might slip to love Shanghai second pages or even further ranking, we can see from the love of Shanghai ranked in 24 hours in the crazy adjustment.

user experience is always the key that love Shanghai, if our website within 24 hours of being loved Shanghai adjustment, then find the ranking after the first time should be adjusted please friends or relatives and friends on their website, which not only to click the key is to increase PV, reduce the rate of jump out, it will also love Shanghai we think the site is worth a user nostalgia website, in the adjustment of time will be appropriate to add user elements, so as to keep the site’s ranking.

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