refused to visit the main problem is the love of spiders in Shanghai launched web crawling, httpcode returns are 403 status code, this will cause the same love Shanghai spiders crawl not specification ". The reason causing access denied: there are a variety of website access restrictions; IP address was rejected; server traffic overload. To solve the several wrong methods is also very easy, to find out the web directory to give love Shanghai spiders sufficient permissions to crawl the page, see the love Shanghai spider IP address is not banned, server overload then upgrade server.

server error, the main problem is the love of spiders in Shanghai launched web crawling, httpcode return the 5XX status code, which will cause the love Shanghai not grab specification ". There are many reasons that cause the server error: the site in the ongoing maintenance; the site has a batch error program. The best solution is to find out the bugs and make the appropriate changes, if the site is for maintenance, please use the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform closed protection standard and then after operation.

small problem also needs great wisdom, the site error page is in the "love Shanghai key project optimization white paper, as a webmaster we should find out the key, and then to improve the problem according to the website of their own problems, to improve the web page in Shanghai encounter errors included love give negative impact, but also to the user left good impression, to enhance the web user experience. As a rookie I give you a summary to find included page in Shanghai love is wrong in those aspects.

3. page not found

other errors include the project is more, but the problem is probably.

page is love Shanghai collection of tens of thousands of, ranking is not impressive, every day at Shanghai love is not fair, original are not included, to be reproduced is also ranked the lever, but do you know how many of these pages included the error page? How many pages open? You take the time to sort out the error page. Ask yourself these questions? Most of the website will appear, but the webmaster to pay attention to the website ranking, do not care about these details, never find their own reasons, but to blame love Shanghai.

When the

1. server error



The other 4.

page not found the main problem is the love of spiders in Shanghai launched web crawling, httpcode returns are 404 status code, this error is "the most important, almost all of the sites of this page exists. Can not find the cause why the page can cite a lot: "group purchase expired deleted; database; forum posts delete junk. In fact, these problems can be solved by an easy job to do, a 404 page right, met the 404 status code is returned 404 pages.


When the access deniedWhen

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