millet do low-end mobile phone is very surprised so many people in the industry, the mobile phone red rice on sale in August 12th, but this is Lei Jun and iPhone method, choose QQ space push product information. Today I found a website 7 months time, Shanghai love weight reached 4, it is really not easy.

love Shanghai encyclopedia is interpreted by the brand owners is to bring premium, produce a value-added intangible assets, his name is distinguished by carrier, and other competitors to the products or services of terminology, symbol, mark or design and combination, in the minds of consumers in the form of a page from the source of value-added the carrier impression.

so, the author thinks that the domain name contains brand name or product key is has certain effect on the role of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so speculation method has Shanghai Longfeng said, "

          mobile phone and red rice in Shanghai love search, this site is on the first page. As for the domain name is who, see everyone filing materials is clear, but certainly not the millet company, found in Taobao turned out to be a guest, there is a promotion down navigation module. But why would this man registered the domain name in that day, perhaps by chance, but perhaps for other reasons, the specific reasons we don’t want to take this website, we see that the brand of Shanghai dragon really great. This is why some brands do not fall in love with the sea traffic optimization still great.

, like A5, this kind of website taobao贵族宝贝 as early as in the hearts of the people and positioning a brand image. At first we thought of selling, A5, shopping online, we think of Taobao, why do we think the first time they do, this is the role of the brand.

then, we look at the love Shanghai index of the words, we see that the word red rice mobile phone began to rise in July, but this month has reached more than 70 thousand, it is hard to imagine, this is also the role of the brand.

We see

see the domain name that is red rice mobile phone pinyin. When you see the love from Shanghai will know, is this a few keywords, mobile phone red rice red rice. The following diagram.

what is the brand?

on the domain of Shanghai dragon, dragon in Shanghai friends should know that before the baby penguins out of noble algorithm contains domain name, product or company brand name for the keyword keyword ranking is to enhance the role of the algorithm, the penguin came out, although the domain name contains the key to the influence of Shanghai Longfeng weakened, but you search in the noble baby found that those with a keyword in the domain name or in the front row. For the love of Shanghai is in the same way, following by an example and we talk about.

Influence of

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