however bedevils Xin Yongbao is now the morning after work, the first to open a company, about half an hour or so, open.

Yong Bao told everybody say: my job now is to belong to "Beijing docking with the bank loans related keywords in the industry, so every weekend, statutory holidays, half past nine to five, looks kinda cool, somewhere in order not to show their own poor, not released wages (Note: at present the person in charge of our network on me, the rest are in sales or business products).


we have to admit that, nearly two years off from the media and new media boom seems to make the traditional Shanghai dragon can walk the road more and more narrow! Really do Shanghai dragon Vinh Bao Xin time is not long, but I know in 2010 Shanghai dragon chicken hot in the mouth or the predecessors of their situation and experience. As I later, also from the beginning of Shanghai dragon novelty and mystery slowly become confused, confused! Sometimes doubted: hold thousands of dollars to pay me? I give the boss, for enterprises to create profits worth for me to take so much money…

execution is the industry! Is known as one of the first people Chinese Shanghai dragon teacher Wang Tong has been stressed: "execution!" I now work in Beijing is one of the main financial industry, in January 20th for a whole year (January 21, 2015 entry), from the beginning of the work warm up to now already is in "mixed"! And most importantly, I don’t think so, but imperceptibly in

first, as a North Shanghai Longfeng workers, I understand every webmaster bitter experience, whether do personal website or company of Shanghai dragon

, Shanxi, beijing. I tried to recall his original Jingxiaxinlai from editing to full-time Shanghai dragon, trying to be comprehensive and holistic to understand what is the Shanghai dragon

think he had a time into the Shanghai dragon the magic circle, it really just for myself I think I’m very handsome "echo"? I also know, every time someone asks "what now? What work? How much money a month? This job has been the development?" questions, I am on the surface of their "disdain" is just to cover up his heart empty

fortunately, the new year, at the dawn of 2016, whether because of age or coordinated and controlled with ideas, or with their peers than out or I have to force myself: immediately change

… ? !My name is Xin Yongbao !

luckily, I am a aware person. Just really get in bed for 1 hours or so, I understand suddenly seems very clear to his now why so general, so confused…

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