Beijing morning news (reporter Xiao Dan) the new consumer law started from March 15th last year to give the consumer online shopping regret right, seven days can be no reason to return. But in fact, this right into reality is not easy to achieve, businesses often has been opened and refused to perform. From March 15th this year, the situation will change. Clear provisions of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced "penalties" acts against the interests of consumers, has been opened "not as a reason to refuse to return, deliberately refusing or delaying return businesses will be the highest 500 thousand yuan penalty.

although consumers from the beginning of last year has had the right to online shopping regret, but the actual situation is much more complicated. The association has repeatedly in the survey said that for seven days no reason to return the complaints increased significantly, content for the return is difficult to achieve.

Beijing morning news reporter comparison of several well-known electricity supplier website found that they have no reason to return for seven days, the standard is not consistent. Provisions Tootoo, packaging to return goods and commodity itself need not damaged, keep at the time of the sale of raw as it is, does not affect the two sales". Amazon has promised in return policy description, "their original accessories and merchandise can be 7 days or within 30 days after receipt of the goods (depending on different merchandise category and enjoy no reason to return the full amount)." A number of sites that need to return goods packaging integrity, this with the new regulations in the "not to consumers has been opened, the impact of commodity inspection intact refused to return inconsistent.

some small sellers are not optimistic about the introduction of the new regulations, worried that the shop business is more difficult to do. A business in mother shop seller told the Beijing morning news reporters, maternal and child products of the relatively high health requirements, "if the customer opened just because love will not return to return, small businesses can not afford to toss."

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