, the micro-blog driven by strong micro-blog marketing has become a marketing and network marketing personnel will need to learn new knowledge, I also just contact micro-blog marketing, in the exploration of process summed up a few tips, before this micro-blog marketing way so I’m about to say no one mentioned, or no one to share, and even nobody knows, so I put it called the micro-blog black hat Shanghai dragon. I will be here in this marketing strategy to share, say wrong or bad please forgive me and.

1, by clicking on the label interest? This method is not commonly used, but not to the exclusion of others through the label for the same hobbies, I am not used, so I said it is not commonly used.

What is the micro-blog

to talk about the Sina micro-blog search box ranking rules! In fact, micro-blog did not rank the rules of Taobao search engine and search so complicated, very simple. Of course I only in the micro-blog search ranking rules, because micro-blog this emerging media itself is not mature, after all, Sina to engage in a few years, also do not know how to use micro-blog to earnings back to this! Now estimate is still busy and Tencent micro-blog to grab the user and thinking about looking for new profit model so, the estimates are not any change in recent years. At the same time, this method in recent years have been effective, so you quickly learn.

will find that micro-blog search results will show the same label user micro-blog ranking, it is not difficult to see that this is according to how much the number of fans to the ranking, but also specifically added red label, label here like love the description of Shanghai, when you high weight (many fans) time as long as the description relates to the keywords, the search results will be based on the weight (how many fans) to the keywords ranking and standard red;

2, by the school or the unit to search, for example, I want to know what we in the university or in the company

The kind of person you want to find the micro-blog


you are interested in what is generally through the method to achieve the

With the rapid development of micro-blog After you click on the personal tab


black hat black hat Shanghai dragon? I believe that as long as do webmaster and do the Shanghai dragon are not difficult to understand, that is through non normal means fast to reach a purpose. Shanghai dragon! Everyone knows that search engine optimization means; the so-called black hat Shanghai dragon is to use an unusual search engine optimization method to quickly achieve good ranking search results. Of course, these may be for your webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng prawns is a pile of words, but in the webmaster and Shanghai dragon prawns play micro-blog or do micro-blog marketing, whether the thought of using the micro-blog search box to do Shanghai Longfeng marketing? Because there is a search where there is love, there is the Shanghai Dragon, Taobao, Shanghai micro-blog also has.

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