said the role of the chain, say simple simple, complex. Simply speaking, the chain is a kind of effective website promotion method, can improve website PR value, can improve the site’s influence, but also directly bring some traffic, the most important is, through a large number of high intelligence chain (especially the anchor), enhance the web site keywords in the search engine rankings. There is a saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor, it’s very good to explain the role of the chain for a site.

One way to

4, the better, is to write some articles, the article does not have to be written in a language, but to write a value, let people look at feel very useful, then the article released to the industry website, known as A5, inadvertently in the article "

1, can go to the forum post, inadvertently in the post in the place with a link to their own website, of course, this link must be the anchor, otherwise you directly send a URL, will certainly be the moderator quickly deleted, a reminder here, the default settings in the forum, with link text color will be out of the ordinary even so, underlined, eye-catching, requires us to be processed, the anchor link color into the default font color of the forum, to remove the underline. In addition, many webmaster forum link to have a very bad habit, they love to link set the background color, indeed, so that others can not be found, but the search engine can be found, but the major search engines expressly, which belongs to the cheating on your site does more harm than good.


3, the most direct and effective, is to buy links, if your pocket money is adequate, can be considered directly to some of the weight of relatively high site bought effective link, this link has high quality, good effect, and absolute safety, if the pocket less money, you can only buy the black chain. But as the major search engine search technology is gradually perfect, detection of the black chain will be more and more strict, the future of the black chain effect will be the decline, so I do not recommend the purchase of black chain.

believes that a novice webmaster or one on the Internet veteran old webmaster, all foreign chain attaches great importance to the chain, so in the end what effect? For the chain is so important, we should take what measures to increase the chain? Don’t worry, I will come with.

since the chain is so important, we must try every way to increase the chain site, many webmaster is doing. So how to increase the chain? Here I will give you a few ways, we hope to help.

2, good at using QQ group, MSN group and other communication platform, believe that every webmaster in many webmaster class groups, each group has hundreds of owners, and their own website to find several types similar to not difficult, we often chat, exchange technology, can exchange with each other Links well, it is good for everyone.

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