4, can not choose the key words wrong. Key words flow rate is too low, the optimization perfectly, also of no avail, and pay attention to key words in a high degree, even if the second page, also can bring a lot of traffic.

8. No spam links. Use cluster software group garbage links, links that more is always better, is the search engine is link to the quality.

7. Not all flash or pictures. Flash and pictures while attractive, but not the relative needs of users and search engine for the. The search engine spiders is unable to read the contents of the flash memory.

9. Not too hot. More haste, less speed., eat hot tofu, website optimization will need to have a good mentality, especially love Shanghai to new sites included is very slow, a love for optimization of Shanghai railway station, must be prepared to fight a protracted war. Why search engines will be welcomed, because users can find things on it, so it is required on the site search engine, website optimization should also stand in the user’s point of view, the purpose is.

5. Not too long and messy code. The spider is read from the web page content code, if the code is too long, the spider would be very difficult to know what to focus on even spider crawling truncation.

It should be said that the majority of

traffic is from search engines, not all will have a considerable proportion. So the website optimization is a required course for every webmaster. Optimization must grasp the degree of optimization is not enough, the effect is not ideal, excessive optimization, search engines will be punished, so we need to know about web site optimization taboo.

2, not pure acquisition. The search engine is Xixinyanjiu, if the content of a website is highly repetitive in the network, so the rank is absolutely not good, collection site love Shanghai would charge, but after included will be K off the table slowly, and rarely to start with a clean slate opportunity, even after the original articles updated daily, also of no avail. But this does not mean that can not collect, we can make some changes for the collection of articles, such as alternative content, change the title etc..

nine cannot do optimization should pay attention to do

3. Can not be a pile of key words. That we should all know it, but how it is piling up, not to say, I feel the first paragraph of the article on the number of key words is best not more than two times, otherwise there will be suspected of cheating, especially new sites, should try to avoid too obvious optimization.

1. Can the title change frequently. A website is not chaos, Shanghai love is not love, at the beginning of the site, you should put all the details of the site are considered good, once established, will not easily change.

6. Not inconsistent with the theme and content. The content of the website and the search will not deviate from the theme, natural love, but there is a common method, name of website in the title of the page to add, the ranking of the site’s home page has a certain role in

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